Business Area of Petrochemistry

ISU Chemical's products go with you everywhere in our life.

It may not be so visible, but we meet the technology of ISU Chemical throughout our daily life, when we use clean pollution-free detergents, when we read books printed with ink, when we travel in a car that runs smoothly, and when we use bug spray in hot summer. Bringing greater affluence and convenience to people, the technology of ISU Chemical is always with us.

  • LAB Ingredients of laundry detergent
  • NP, Parasol, D-Sol Aerosol, candle oil, wax for vehicles and furniture, aluminum rolling oil (for aluminum foil), ingredients for printing ink
  • IPA Coloring and ink agents, pharmaceutical intermediates, cleaning agents for IT parts as of semi-conductor and LCD
  • TDM Regulator for the molecular weight of tire, rubber hose, shoes soles, asphalt additive, back of the carpet, sponge etc.