Safety and Health Management

Based on Respect for People

Operating with respect for people, ISU Chemical is creating an advanced safety and health management system with a view to minimizing the economic and human losses caused by disasters. The belief that good-quality products can come out of a safe and clean workplace! It's another important element of the entrepreneurial spirit of ISU Chemical.

Safety and Health Management Activities

Process Safety Management

By introducing process safety management (PSM/SMS), the company continues to address remaining risk factors through risk assessment for the entire process. The company responds to and prepares for spreading damage by assessing risk levels through quantitative risk assessment designed to minimize damage. Moreover, the company does its best to achieve fundamental safety by reviewing the safety as affected by the construction, expansion, and alteration of plants.

Safety Education & Training

We create plans to conduct inter-level or rank-specific education and training for the entire staff, and do our best to prevent disasters by cultivating the ability to foresee hazards and getting used to discovering hazard factors through small-group workshops focusing on actual accidents and education that instills in managers diverse knowledge on safety and health.

Autonomous Safety & Health Management System

Safety & Health Management System

Continuous improvement is made through the circulatory process that involves creating, carrying out, inspecting, correcting, and managerially reviewing an action plan for autonomous safety and health management activities with entire staff. The company does its best to create a comfortable and safe work environment by installing systematic safety and health activities.

Safety & Health Management System

  • - Risk assessment
  • - SOP development
  • - Discovering actual accidents caused by mistakes
KGS 18001 인증서 OHSAS 18001 인증서

Current Certifications

Type of CertificationCertifying AgencyDate of Certification
KGS 18001Korea Gas Safety Corporation (KGS)Dec. 2004
OHSAS 18001DNVSep. 2009