Personnel Management

"Introducing ISU Chemical’s HR System"

Building on the fundamental value of respect for people and adopting merit system and the right person in the right place as its basic principles for human resources management, ISU has created and enforces diversified HR system.

이수화학의 인사제도를 소개합니다.


ISU Chemical's assessments are divided into skills assessment and performance assessment. We work to fairly treat, reward, and foster people based on assessments and thereby boost the willingness to work and increase work efficiency.

- Skills Assessment :
assessing the assessee's skills in accordance with the behavioral indicators by grade.
- Performance Assessment :
assessing the achievements as compared to the year's organizational goal and individual person's goal.

It is conducted once every December, and the related assessments are performed by part leader.


It refers to an employee moving up to a higher rank by satisfying specified requirements for skills and qualifications. Those who are eligible for promotion are decided with candidates recommended from different divisions and through final review by the HR Committee..

- Candidate for regular promotion :
a person who has outlasted the standard terms and has obtained rank-specific points for promotion.
- Candidate for promotion through acknowledgement :
a person whose skills and performance are excellent.
- Candidate for special promotion :
a person whose contribution or achievements for the company are extraordinarily excellent.

Rewarding system

Total annual salary = base salary + pay for skills + bonus 250% (with year-end performance-related pay not included)

Performance-related pay is differentiated based on the year-end assessment of a person's achievement as against the specific year's target.

Other rewards

- ISU Chemical Person's Award (HR Department) :
citation given on the company anniversary to the employees who made major contribution to the previous fulfilled goal.
- Contributor's Award :
a person who has contributed to fulfilling the company's performance goal.
- Longtime Employee's Award (HR Department) :
a person who has worked for long with the company (for employment of 10, 15, 20, or 25 years).
- Citation for Proposals (Technology Department) :
departments or employees whose suggestions are excellent.
- Disaster-Free Citation (Technology Department) :
a person who has contributed to achieving disaster-free goals
- Citation for innovation activities (Quality Innovation Team) :
a person who has contributed to task force activities