Ethical Management

Our Promise for Corporate Ethics

Our goal in business management is not only accomplishing the company’s economical goal of seeking profits, but also fulfilling its social responsibilities by promoting coexistence and prosperity of all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, local community, and partners. We will keep maintaining even higher level of ethical awareness as a social leader, in order to make ourselves and our family proud of being part of ISU Chemical.

R&D achievements

Ethical Management Charter (Our Promises)
Ethical Management Charter (Our Promises)
Guidelines for Fulfilling Our Promises
Guidelines for Fulfilling Our Promises
Guidelines for Fulfilling Our Promises

Supervisory Body

Ethics Committee created and operated (since 2003)
Ethics Committee
Planning Team created and operated as the department in charge (duties transferred in 2009)
  • - Ethical management education for staff conducted once a year
  • - Any issues that occur while fulfilling ethical management are addressed through counseling
  • - Inevitably received money is processed and returned
  • - Violations of ethical regulations are reported and auditing follows
  • - Revising ethical regulations
  • - Publishing cases of ethical management fulfillment
  • - Reporting activities to Ethical Committee
  • - Rewards and penalties based on ethical management implementation

Achievement Model

Achievement Model

Performance Check-up

  • - Ethics Charter and Fulfillment Guidelines created in 2003 (IMS-A-12)
  • - Ethical Management Pledge and letter asking partners for cooperation have been mailed out since 2004
  • - Company opened its website on Ethical Management in 2005
  • - Company continuously engages in diverse CSR activities
  • - Ethical management education for staff conducted once a year
  • - Company has strengthened related training including organizational culture education and father school since 2008
  • - Pride, unity, and affection for the company cultivated through company sports events
  • - First South Korean chemical plant that achieved 20 disaster-free years through boosting staff's pride (Ulsan Plant on Jul. 21, 2009)
  • - Zero-improprieties maintained in the company
  • - Company works to promote soundness in the organizational culture through CCS, wholesome company party campaign etc.