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Value Chain

Aceton / H2 -> IPA -> 페인트,인쇄잉크,의약품,브레이크유,방부제 부동액 및 동결/빙결 방지제 / 반도체,LCD 세정제

  • Features

    • - Excellent stability with almost no unsaturated chemical compound or impurities
    • - A separated two-step process using acetone as main feedstock with addition of hydrogen (saves cost significantly compared to the 5-step process using propylene)
  • Use

    • - Industrial IPA : paint, printing ink, pharmaceutical and reagent ingredient, NC(Nitro Cellulose) ingredient, aircraft cryoprotectant, antifreezing solution for radiator coolant, antifreezing fluid for automotives, brake fluid additive, preservative, etc.
    • - Electronic IPA : Used as cleaner in semiconductor and LCD manufacturing process
  • Plant Location

    8, Seokdang-gil, Onsan-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Republic of Korea

Property Table

Specific Gravity (20℃) 0.784-0.786
Purity, wt % Min. 99.8
Water Content , ppm (* : wt %) Max. 500
Acidity, as acetic acid , wt ppm Max. 5
Color (Pt-Co Scale) Max. 5
Non Volatile Matter, wt ppm Max. 5
Water Miscibility Clear&Miscible
Distillation ( 760mmHg ), ℃
    IBP Min. 81
    DP Min. 83
Normal Propanol
Particles, PCS/ml
    >0.3 ㎛
    >0.2 ㎛
    Cation, ppb
Anion, ppb