Green Bio

“Based on its pioneering spirit for the international market and field-based engineering competence, ISU Chemical’s green bio division is leading the Korean smart farm industry.”

ISU Chemical provides solutions for the overall value chain, from the construction of smart farm plants to distribution of ICT farming/fruits and vegetables.

Korea’s leading experts, who have capacity to construct and operate optimized smart farms for local agriculture conditions, are framing the green bio business by discovering business opportunities actively and conducting specialized market research.


ISU has been constructing and operating the globally recognized smart farm complex.


  • 2023

    • May. Appointed CEO for Greenbio division
    • Apr. Began construction of Smart Farm Package Project in Australia.
  • 2022

    • Nov. ISU LONGKUN Obtained 'High Technology Expertise' certification.
    • Aug. Initiated of joint research on crop materials with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST)
  • 2021

    • Apr. Selected as the private consignment operator for the development of a smart farm complex aimed at young farmers in Uiseong-gun, Korea
    • Feb. Obtained Certification of Smart Farm Global/China G.A.P in Yining County, Xinjiang Province, China
    • Jan. Selected as a participant in a national project - Development of northern smart greenhouse package model for export
  • 2019

    • Sep. Completed 50,000m2 (5ha) smart farm in Yining County, Xinjiang Province, China
  • 2018

    • Jul. Smart farm complex development project at Yining, Xinjiang, China
    • Apr. Conclusion of JV agreement with LONGKUN Agroforestry Development Co. Ltd, Xinjiang Prov. P.R.C
  • 2017

    • Nov. Exported an entry-level automated greenhouse demonstration to Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences, Beijing, China.
    • Oct. Selected for the national assignment ‘export business team; intelligent smart farm platform’
    • Oct. Conclusion of MOU with the Xinjiang Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute, P.R.C, for cooperative research and exchanges and cooperation regarding greenhouse horticulture.
    • Sep. Conclusion of MOU with LONGKUN Agroforestry Development Co. Ltd, Xinjiang Prov. P.R.C
    • Jul. Foundation of the Green bio division
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Baituoihai Town, Yining Country, lli Prefecture, Xinjiang, China
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