Environmental Management

Efforts to Think and Protect the Environment

As people has the rapidly growing desire for higher quality of life, the society sees the diversifying need for environmental rights that represent the right to live in a clean and comfortable environment. The public's increasing interest in environment calls on businesses to implement environmental management.

What Is Environmental Management?

Environmental management aims to minimize the negative influences that business activities exert on the environment by maintaining in business activities the environmental compatibility of the guidelines, goals, and procedures related to the environment. The environmental management system refers to the system that specifies the organization, responsibilities, and procedures with concrete goals and programs and efficiently distributes and manages the human and financial managerial resources. To revisit the correlation between the eco-friendly activities and the company management and be reborn as a positive and eco-friendly business by bringing internal and external publicity to its value as an eco-friendly place of business, ISU Chemical continuously implements the managerial activities as follows.

Creating and Implementing Environmental Management System (EMS)

ISU Chemical, which created and established a well-organized environmental management system by being certified ISO 14001 in 1997, does it best to reduce air pollutants and prevent environmental pollution. The company is creating an autonomous environmental management system by continuously upgrading the environmental management system and strengthening the environmental management organization.

Environmental Guideline
Environmental Guidelines
  • Complying with and predicting environmental laws
  • Preempting regulatory standards
  • Efficient use and continuous saving of resources
  • Seeking to prevent pollution through developing and using low-emission goods
  • Keeping living environment optimized with continuous improvement

On-Site Environmental Management

ISU Chemical engages in strong environmental management to preclude environmental pollution.

현장 환경관리 활동
  • 01 Incinerating hydrocarbon gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and malodorous substances that are generated from plants and safely processing them at absorption facilities and activated carbon tower.
  • 02 Automatic air pollution measurement device (CleanSYS) and CCTV on the stack ensures 24-hour management and control of the pollution from the emissions of environmental pollutants.
  • 03 The company signed a voluntary agreement with Ulsan City, Nakdong River Basin Environmental Office, and civic organizations for reduce emissions of air pollutants (with the company selected in 2009 as an excellent implementer of the autonomous agreement).
  • 04 The company operates waste water treatment facility and oil/water separator, improves processes, and reduces the occurrence of by-products.
  • 05 Minimizing the discharge of wastes through thorough-going waste sorting.
  • 06 The company established local companionship, maintaining an organic relationship with the residents by conducting One Company One River cleanup, creating a flower garden on the Taehwa river, and the campaign for environmental conservation.