Company Introduction


Thank you for visiting the website of ISU Chemical.

Operating with its main goal of "creating a beautiful future that adds to the affluence and convenience in life" and based on its core values of "initiative" and "customer satisfaction", Since its foundation in 1969, ISU Chemical has produced and sold various petrochemical products such as LAB, NP, BAB. Especially for LAB, the company is a world-class supplier that is able to produce 180,000MT a year. ISU Chemical was selected as one of the world’s 100 best mid-sized companies by Forbes in 1999. and in 2003, it was honored with Quality Management Award in the National Quality Competition.

The Green Bio business division provides solutions across the entire value chain, from Smart farm design/construction to ICT-based farming and fruit/vegetable distribution. Since its inception in 2017, the Green Bio business division has developed by completing a smart farm in Xinjiang Province, China in 2019, and being selected as a private consignment company for the smart farm development complex in Uiseong-gun in 2021.

Facing the no-holds-barred global competition, the company did its best to create a global network to ensure its sustainable growth. Thus, ISU Chemical created a company in Germany as a bridgehead to the European market, opened a liaison office in Mexico with a view to its advancement into the South American market, and currently runs Shanghai Representative as an outpost for its advancement into China.

In addition to the growth in its size, ISU Chemical is doing its best to achieve internal managerial innovation by creating an advanced management system through acquiring ERP, completing automated production system, improving productivity through TPM and TOP activities, and ensuring safety in production through acquiring the PSM system. Thus, ISU Chemical is briskly striding toward the world's most competitive company by continuously carrying out internal managerial innovation and developing creative technology through such afore-mentioned external growth. It is growing into a company that is more trusted because it realized ethical management which is grounded in symbiotic management among customers, staff, partners, local community, and shareholders.

ISU Chemical has a dream for the future and will grow to fulfill that dream. As ISU Chemical looks to its vision, I look forward to your attention and support.