Ethical Management

For Best Quality

Working with its managerial philosophy of 'creating a beautiful future that adds to affluence and convenience in life', ISU Chemical is working with its staff to actively respond to the rapidly changing business environment and thereby grow into the world's most competitive company with creative technology and through managerial innovation.


Efforts for and Achievements in Quality Management

Since ISU Chemical obtained the ISO 9001 certification from the International Organization for Standardization in 1995 as part of its effort for quality management, the reliability of the company’s Quality Maintenance System(QMS) has been internationally recognized. Also, the company is fulfilling its managerial rationalization by introducing and implementing innovative activities, such as TPM and TOP.

Certificate of National Quality Award
Continuous cost reduction via total operational performance improvement activities and introduction of TOP.
Performance of high productivity and facility efficiency via consistent TPM activities!
  • - clean working environment
  • - no irrationality in field and Loss Zero!
  • 2018

    • Jun. ISO 9001 : converted to 2015 edition
  • 2009

    • Jun. June, ISO 9001 : converted to 2008 edition
  • 2004

    • Nov. Won the first prize of QUALITY CONTROL CIRCLE
  • 2003

    • Nov. Won the Quality Management Award
    • Sep. Selected as a leading company for new labor-management culture
    • Jul. ISO 9001 : converted to 2000 edition
  • 2001

    • Jun. Won the grand prize of Korea TPM
    • Introduction of TOP(Total Operational Performance) for total operational performance improvement activities
  • 1998

    • Nov. Won the grand prize of Facility Management, and the first prize of QUALITY CONTROL CIRCLE
  • 1995

    • May. Obtained the Quality Management System Certification (ISO 9001/KS A 9001)
  • 1993

    • Introduction of TPM(Total Productive Maintenance)