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Value Chain

NaOH 50wt% / H2S -> NaSH 30wt% -> 폐수중의 중금속 제거제,유기합성 화학 원료 및 환원제

  • Features

    • - High value created by tapping into H2S byproducts
    • - 30wt% NaSH solution is manufactured by reacting NaOH with H2S, the byproduct from the NP plant
    • (cost competitive to the previous process that first makes the NaSH solution and then dries and crystalizes it)
  • Use

    • - Agent that removes heavy metals from waste water
    • - Depilatory that removes hair from raw skin in leather processing
    • - Raw material for organic synthesis, and reducing agent
    • - Intermediate for dyes and organic drugs
  • Plant Location

    8, Seokdang-gil, Onsan-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Republic of Korea

Property Table

NaSH, wt% Min. 30
Na2S, wt% Report
Na2CO3, wt% Report
H2S, ppm
CH3SH, ppm
CH3SCH3, ppm
CH3S2CH3, ppm
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shhong@isu.co.kr / ksy1025@isu.co.kr
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+82-2-590-6773 / +82-2-590-6849